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The Beauty of Living Green

The following is a gallery of images for our popular LEED Certified Alta Log Home, the Greenbriar. Alta cares about the environment and strives to raise the bar with energy efficiency and long-lasting design. Being Green has never been so Beautiful!

Click the images below bring up beautiful full-size photographs of a LEED Certified Alta Log Home.

Good for you Good for the Environment

Being environmentally friendly does not have to involve making great sacrifices. When you come home to an Alta Log Home, you'll enjoy settling back and enjoying the comfort that surrounds you, and you'll be doing the environment a favor!

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide healthy and environmentally friendly heirloom log homes that fulfill our clients lifestyles, Alta Log Homes is proud to announce it is participating in the U. S. Green Buildings Council LEED® for Homes. Efficiency is key here, but sheer beauty will never be at stake. Click here to learn more about the LEED certification. See what the publication, Log Home Living has to say about the Greenbriar.

Take a Virtual Tour of a Beautiful Alta Log Home

Take a look yourself, and discover how an Alta Log Home's beauty matches no other. Take a virtual tour of Greenbriar LEED Model home and the Berkshire home, and imagine what you could come home to with an Alta Log Home.

When it's time to come home, come home to an Alta Log Homes!

Only Alta Log Homes give you Engineered Artistry plus the ENERGY STAR® Label for 30% less energy use.

For over 45 years Alta Log Homes have been recognized for their natural beauty. meticulous quality and ease of construction. They’re created right in the heart of the Catskill Mountains and capture that sense of escape and freedom that log home buyers desire.

Alta features over 50 dramatic log home designs ranging from a weekend cabin to a spacious Estate Series Home. Every design brings you maximum flexibility...including two distinctive log profiles and two types of wood. Choose Classic Logs or Alta’s Frontier Log profile that’s 40% bigger to create a more rustic look. Alta offers Eastern White Pine and Western Red Cedar logs.

Our log homes can include rustic staircases and railings, log mantels, custom-designed decks. Additionally, oversized logs can be added to any design. For buyers with their own “dream” house in mind Alta has complete custom design services.

Alta's attention to every detail assures that each log home is built efficiently, economically and right. All components are delivered as specified, with accurate and clear construction details. Most, if not all, of the fitting work on Alta Log Homes is done at the factory, so a minimum amount of manpower and time is required at the building site, resulting in one of the lowest construction costs in the industry.

ENERGY STAR® labeled homes use 30% less energy

A truly comfortable home is warm in the winter, cool in the summer and free from drafts and outside noise all year long. ENERGY STAR® labeled homes deliver all those benefits and cost 30% less to heat and cool than conventional new homes. You’ll enjoy the extra comfort.. . and the big savings month after month, year after year.

ENERGY STAR® labeled homes are performance tested

Alta Log Homes with the ENERGY STAR® label have passed a computer-based energy analysis plus inspections and testing. These homes meet high-efficiency guidelines and are certified as ENERGY STAR.

ENERGY STAR® labeled homes are a quality investment

ENERGY STAR labeled homes are more energy-efficient and cost-effective so they produce a positive cash flow every month. And ENERGY STAR labeled homes often have a higher resale value when it’s time to sell.

living green energy efficient

Alta Log Homes have always been created from renewable resources!

The ENERGY STAR® label on a new Alta Log Home means you are building an environmentally responsible home. When asked in a recent survey what builders should do to help preserve the environment, 93% of homeowners answered, “build more energy-efficient homes.” Not only do our ENERGY STAR® labeled log homes help preserve the environment, they also cost less to own. For over 45 years Alta has built log homes that are naturally energy-efficient. Now, an Alta Log Home with the ENERGY STAR® label is 30% more energy-efficient than conventional new construction.

Use 30% less energy

ENERGY STAR labeled homes lower the demand on our natural resources. This has a direct and significant environmental benefit resulting in reduced air pollution for everyone.

Help to reduce global climate change

The energy used by American homes accounts for 20% of total U.S. carbon dioxide emissions. Since carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global climate change, limiting its emissions in our atmosphere, by building energy-efficient homes, is essential to protecting our environment.

Reduce harmful emissions

The burning of fossil fuels produces other environmentally harmful emissions, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and mercury. ENERGY STAR® labeled homes help to reduce the emission of these substances into our environment.

Reduce associated health costs

Chronic respiratory ailments are the fastest growing health problem in the United States. ENERGY STAR® labeled homes help reduce the amount of fossil fuel needed to heat, cool, and power your home. This reduction will help lower health care costs associated with respiratory ailments.

renewable resources

Alta Log Homes with the ENERGY STAR® Label are tested and inspected to give you Energy-Saving, Money-Saving features

ENERGY STAR labeled homes are part of a new construction program from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency...and the latest example of innovation and Engineered Artistry from Alta Log Homes. With an ENERGY STAR labeled Alta Log Home you’ll save 30% on annual energy costs over conventional new construction. Every new Alta Log Home with the ENERGY STAR label has all these unique features to make your new home as energy-efficient as possible.

Enhanced Insulation

Alta Log Homes have always been naturally energy-efficient with excellent insulation performance values. Now, the ENERGY STAR program certifies these values. The insulation value of windows and doors is also an important factor in comfort and savings. That’s why Alta Log Homes features Andersen® windows and patio doors, and Therma-Tru entry doors.

Air sealing and ventilation

Properly sealing the holes and gaps that occur in every home construction dramatically cuts energy loss and utility bills for heating and cooling.

An effective mechanical ventilation system helps to ensure a continuous supply of fresh indoor air for increased comfort, health and safety. The ENERGY STAR program sets specific standards for air sealing and ventilation.

High-efficiency heating and cooling

Over 40% of the annual energy costs in a typical home are for heating and cooling. That’s why ENERGY STAR labeled homes include high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. Even the duct systems are performance- tested to help ensure that air is distributed efficiently and evenly from room to room and season to season. These systems provide year round comfort and reduced utility bills.

High-efficiency appliances and lighting

ENERGY STAR Labeled homes feature high-efficiency appliances and lighting that provide the comfort and convenience you want, but operate more efficiently and lower utility costs. The wide selection of ENERGY STAR labeled appliances and lighting fixtures lets you save energy costs without compromising on performance or design.

Alta Log Homes are built with Andersen® High Performance Low-E-2 windows & patio doors

Building a new home is a complex and daunting project for most people. At Alta we want to give you the best log home, the most stress-free experience and a high-quality, long-term investment. That’s why we include reliable, energy-efficient Andersen windows and patio doors with our home designs.Andersen has an outstanding reputation for energy- efficiency and quality. Their windows and patio doors are designed and tested to provide excellent performance in extreme weather conditions. Andersen windows with High Performance Low-E-2 insulated glass help keep a home cool in summer and warm in winter. You’ll be comfortable all year long in your new Alta Log Home and save money every month on energy bills.

With Andersen’s tremendous selection of sizes and styles you’ll be able to find the perfect window and door for every Alta Log Home design. If your log home property has a special view you can even select optional custom- made windows to maximize that view. Alta’s log home designers will work with you to select the right Andersen windows and patio doors for your new log home.

Andersen 400 series casement windows

These high-quality casement windows are standard on Alta Log Homes. They are designed to provide the best combination of attractive appearance, durability, energy- efficiency and ease of operation. High Performance TM Low-E-2 insulated glass reduces energy costs and helps maintain year-round interior comfort. Many other Andersen window styles are available as options.

Open up your home to the beauty of the surrounding mountains, lush woods or lakeside views. Frenchwood® patio doors are available in gliding or hinged styles to suit your needs. In addition to offering spectacular views from inside your home these doors also provide convenient access to a deck or patio, outstanding durability and high energy efficiency. Frenchwood® patio doors are included with many Alta Log Home designs.

Ask the experts at Alta Log Homes about ENERGY STAR

Therma Tru entry doors combine beauty, durability & energy efficiency

These distinctive doors are molded of impact-resistant fiberglass with the rich look, texture and feel of real wood. They can even be painted or stained just like wood. You simply cannot tell them apart. The difference is in the performance and durability. Therma Tru doors are five times more energy efficient than wood and they won’t warp, crack or rot like wood. Available in a wide selection of styles that will make the perfect first impression on your new Alta Log Home.

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