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Alta Log Homes Solar Energy Efficiency Solar Energy is Safe and Reliable

An Alta Designer Series Log Home is a great investment for you and your world...You'll enjoy energy efficiency, energy savings and a cleaner environment.

Read Alta Log Homes Solar Energy efficiency.

The Alta program uses proven grid-connected photovoltaic technology. Panels are engineered for rugged locations and will withstand cold, snow, ice, hail and wind.

Read more about safe and reliable Solar Energy.

Alta Log Homes Solar Photo Gallery Zero Energy America
An assortment of photos and renderings of Alta Log Homes with installed photovoltaic panels.


View Alta Log Homes Solar Photo Gallery.

Alta Log Homes featured in CARB News for installing PV systems in their log homes.  Green Acres is the place to be!

Read the Zero Energy America Article.

Ask Alta Log Homes About Solar Energy  
The Alta Log Homes program uses photovoltaic panels to provide safe, reliable, silent, non polluting solar energy. 

Contact Alta Log Homes about Solar Energy



magine...your new Alta Designer Series Log Home with the ENERGY STAR label and solar energy technology will keep about 200,000 lbs. of CO2 out of our atmosphere over the next 20 years. Talk about one person making a difference. Contact the Energy Experts at Alta today.

ENERGY STAR® and the GE® mark are registered U.S. marks.
Featured image is an artist rendering.

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